A Bad State is Preferable to No State – Thoughts on U.S. and Ukraine


“Never take any empire’s money or support. Never accept in your ranks anybody who is willing to get any empire’s money or support. And always remember that a bad state and a bad regime are always preferable to no state and no regime. The latter means do not use violence to overthrow a regime you hate, even if it oppresses you. First, violence always generates fear and more violence. But even more importantly, violence often leads to the collapse not only of the hated regime, but also of the state itself. And when anarchy breaks loose, the most violent and ruthless gangs always come to power. When you fight against a hated oppressive regime – fight against its ideology, against its authority, show it no respect, openly make fun of it, but do not use violence and never fight against your own compatriots. Fight against ideas, not people. You can win a national liberation war against a foreign occupier, but you cannot win a civil war. Seek reconciliation, never revenge, show compassion to the “other one” and never ever ignore the voice of your own conscience. Always discriminate between right and wrong, but never between “our people” and “their people” as all humans are equally precious in the eyes of God. Give your allegiance only to God and “Trust not in princes, nor in the children of men, in whom there is no safety. “ (Psalm 145). If you keep your heart and conscience pure, then no empire will make you its puppet.”

~ The Saker (Source)

This is one of the most relevant quotes of our time. America has played its part in helping to topple one regime after the next: Iraq, Egypt, Libya – and it has attempted to do so in Syria and Ukraine. Yet these dominoes won’t come down so easily.

As The Saker pointed out above, toppling oppressive leadership doesn’t create liberation. It thrusts the state into a state of anarchy, so that there is chaos and no leadership. Out of such chaos, only the most brutal and savage thugs can claw their way to power – which in effect, creates an even more oppressive and violent regime than the one that was toppled.

We’ve seen this in places like Iraq and Libya, that once had some semblance of women’s rights and minor freedoms. Now these places are being torn up by extremist thugs.

As The Saker said, if you want to deal with an oppressive regime, fight their ideology, don’t use violence. Ideology is what dismantled Apartheid South Africa and brought civil rights to America, not guns and tanks. There is a place for violence and war, but in a tactical manner – not all out violence that destabilizes any country that you disagree with.

America is playing a dangerous game in throwing rocks at Russia’s back yard. We’re creating havoc by propping up Neo-Nazis and Muslim Extremists around the world. We must be careful in how much chaos we sow, because eventually, the chaos will come to roost.

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One Response to A Bad State is Preferable to No State – Thoughts on U.S. and Ukraine

  1. Dave says:

    No,a bad state is not prefferable to no State. We have free will. Yet we elect Politicians who sometimes do not have our best interests at heart. That is “Our” fault. No one elses’. We have to find a way to see through the shenanigans of some in power who do not care about us. Okay,you see a sound bite or a campaign ad for some one. They are smiling. They are Handsome. They look prosperous. They say nice things and they promise you nice things. They tell you why they are better than the other guy or gal. We have to learn how to look through this outer shell and find out what they are really up to. It is up to “us”. Nobody else. We have no one to blame for someone who might be a bad leader than ourselves. No one. Not CNN,not Fox,not the Right or left talking heads. Not the sloganeers. Us,people. It is all in our hands.

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