Human Rights Via Human Responsibility


People like to talk about human rights, but what about human responsibilities?

In the 17th century the Enlightenment began, and with it ideas about Democracy and Human Rights. Yet many of these ideas left out the other half of the equation.

Human Rights cannot exist without Human Responsibilities.

In our time, ideas such as Human Rights and Democracy are treated like a religion. But what about the millions of life forms killed today by the Democratic world order? What about the rights of these life forms? We like to say that “life is sacred”… but “sacred” for who exactly?

Democracy has a temporary track record in history. There is a law that stands above our current laws – above the laws of men…


That is Eternal Law, Nature’s Law. Nature is a system that is billions of years old. It is a system that balances order and chaos. Nature sorts the healthy from the sick, and the strong from the dysfunctional. If mankind wants to live, we must align ourselves with Nature’s Laws.

Ideas that cannot stand up against the test of time, will be blown away by the savage winds of change to come. When an idea doesn’t work, or is not sustainable, nature destroys it.


Nature will not be lobbied, imprisoned or impeached. Politicians may have the clocks, but nature controls the time.

The time for addressing climate change is nigh. Some estimates say that we only have 15 years to implement dramatic environmental reforms, before climate change is unstoppable.

Have no illusions. Nature’s laws are a brutal system. If our sick system cannot get its act together via implementing revolutionary ideologies, than nature will provide the solution – one way or another.

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