The Horrifying Reality of What We’ll Lose, When We Become Immune to Antibiotics


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What happens when you get sick and go to the doctor? They automatically give you an antibiotic. Antibiotics have become the magical solution to all our problems: acne, a skin infection, the common cold, and even the way we keep our livestock healthy.

Yet because of how widespread antibiotic use is, eventually we’re going to start becoming immune to the effects of these magic pills. There are already strains of super bacteria developing, such as UTI’s, that can no longer be cured by the common antibiotic.

We need to look at the full implications of what we’ll lose, which is much of the modern world.

What would we lose?

  • The ability to treat cancer
  • The ability to transplant organs
  • The ability to perform major surgeries
  • The ability to treat traumatic accidents
  • The safety of modern child-birth
  • A good portion of our cheap, modern food supply

In many ways, we would go back to a more primitive era. A time where 5 out of 1000 women died from childbirth and 1 out of 9 skin infections could kill you.

Doctors need to stop over prescribing antibiotics for the common cold. How about vitamins, rest, and herbal remedies instead? Farmers should also treat their livestock better, instead of pumping them full of antibiotics and leaving most cows to stand knee-high in shit. Only serious health problems should be treated with antibiotics. Or else, we’re going the route of Doctor Frankenstein – creating a monster that will be our own undoing.

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