Nature’s Revolution and Her Agents of Fate


We live in a world in turmoil. 1% of the people on the planet control a majority of the wealth and power. This elite is destroying a majority of the resources on the planet needed for life to exist – this includes human life. The CIA is already predicting future wars over basic necessities such as water and food. What the world needs now is an environmental revolution with real power and the leader who will make this revolution a reality.

In discussing environmental movements we should take a look at its origins in the 19th century and realize that the movement itself was not directly wedded to Democracy. Democracy is an idea, not a death pact. It would be great if it could work, but if it’s going to destroy the planet, then it must be stopped.


A key problem with our time in trying to achieve real environmental reform is the moral weakness of our political systems and its inability to implement real reform. Right now, there is not a political party that exists that is capable of dealing with these problems. If our current political system cannot achieve peaceful reform, then we need to start thinking about the creation of new political systems that will.

Our current political system has failed to achieve the following necessary goals: real environmental reform, a social safety net for society’s most vulnerable and a halt to the corruption on Wall Street and the Big Banks.


Right now the 1% of people controlling the planet are rolling in wealth that the Egyptian Pharaohs couldn’t even fantasize about in their wildest dreams. Is this 1% going to get off the gravy train because of a vote? Because of a grassroots movement? Now don’t get me wrong, peaceful protest has had success in the past. The Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King was a successful, peaceful social revolution.

It would be great if we could find a peaceful, democratic way to save the planet, but if not we need to evaluate the alternatives.


A majority of Americans are being disenfranchised by a plutocratic political and corporate elite. As Van Jones once said, the wealth of the Middle Class didn’t just disappear. It was stolen! If you look at economic trends up until the 1970’s, wages tended to rise with overall economic productivity. Yet now, America’s GDP is higher than ever, yet minimum wage in constant dollars is back to where it was in the 1950’s.


 A revolution for the 99% founded in job creation and environmental protection would catch on like wildfire. While the Occupy movement didn’t last forever, it did succeed in bringing the idea of the “99%” to national consciousness.

It’s not likely that revolution will happen at this very moment, since most Americans have their bread and circuses, fast food and cheap cable TV. However, if our politicians can’t push through needed reforms, this revolution will become more and more likely. The Government Shutdown was another echo of the coming earth quake.

When Obama’s funny money fails to keep the lights on and the environmental disasters like Hurricane Sandy get worse, revolution will become more likely.

The purpose of discussing the coming revolution is to envision a future for this movement, so that this revolution isn’t an unguided missile resulting in endless civil war. Now, there is no ignoring that this revolution will be bloody and violent. It will be much like the French Revolution that sent heads rolling and the streets flowing with blood. However, the French Revolution was a collective majority fighting against their 1%.



In times of political crisis, people look for a savior. What any movement needs to succeed is a charismatic and courageous leader, as well as a powerful and frightening leader. Without a clear leader, a movement becomes disorganized and falls apart on itself. This leader would be the Green Messiah, he or she would be nature’s elect, fighting to protect the environment against a toxic society. This leader would embody the popular issues of the time and mold these ideas into a national consciousness.

Now, in examining what this leader would be like, it is likely that they would come from the left. People gravitate around a leader who can address legitimate grievances. This person would represent some of America’s basic traditions and would talk about fulfilling the vision of Martin Luther King. Yet unlike Obama, they would also address real issues, such as the fact that the middle class is in a state of crisis. This charismatic person would speak out against corporate greed, the disenfranchised worker and the destruction of the environment.

The power of the internet will also be extremely influential in their nexus of power.



We don’t have to worry about destroying nature. Nature has been around for 5 billion years. Nature survived 5 massive extinctions before, including one that wiped out more than 90% of life on the planet. So she will survive yet another extinction.

The question is whether humanity will survive. If our Democratic system can’t push through needed reform peacefully, then it will become increasingly necessary for a totalitarian leader to push these reforms through. This will be necessary for the survival of humanity.

This leader will do what they have to do, even if it requires killing off a large number of dissidents and launching brutal campaigns to squash opposition. They will baptize the world anew in a sea of blood and crown themselves with the skulls of their enemies.

Yet as horrible as this sounds, we must understand that this is the LESS VIOLENT option!

In understanding the future, we must understand the past. In Rome there was a drastic amount of bloodshed and civil war as different factions fought to keep the Republic. It was only when the authoritarian leader Augustus Caesar dismantled the Republic that a Pax Romana (100 year era of peace) was secured in Rome.

So even though the future lords of the Earth will be brutal and cruel, it was be a necessary cruelty for keeping order in savage times.


So we’re fucked right? You might as well lay down and die, since there’s nothing you can do. That’s the message you might get from the negative media, but that is completely WRONG! There is much that you can do! You have a voice! You have power! And with the global platform of the internet, your voice can ring out like a bell in warning of what is to come.

You can make a blog, a podcast, a forum, a facebook account, etc. that addresses these issues. Stand up and fight! Fight for a better day. Right now the reforms needed for humans to live with the environment in a sustainable way are completely possible from a technical and scientific point of view. In fact, many more sane countries around the world, such as countries in Europe and Asia are already implementing these needed reforms.

The biggest block to reform is political. If we can summon the political willpower to impose environmental reform, this would be the best of all worlds. But if not, we’ll return to the brutal laws of nature, and nature will impose reform the good old fashion way, through the historical tradition of bloodshed and violence.



Yet our fight is much greater than the French Revolution. We are aligning ourselves with a power that is billions of years old. The politicians have the clocks, but nature controls the time. You cannot defy the laws of nature for very long. Our revolution would side with the Laws of Nature, and bring down those who continue to blaspheme against these eternal laws. At the end of the day, nature will have the final say in who lives and who dies.

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