The Culture of Despair



They attacked liberalism because it seemed to them the principal premise of modern society; everything they dreaded seemed to spring from it: the bourgeois life, Manchesterism, materialism, parliament and the parties, the lack of political leadership. Even more, they sensed in liberalism the source of all their inner sufferings. Theirs was a resentment of loneliness; their one desire was for a new faith, a new community of believers, a world with fixed standards and no doubts, a new national religion that would bind all Germans together. All this, liberalism denied. Hence, they hated liberalism, blamed it for making outcasts of them, for uprooting them from their imaginary past, and from their faith.

—Fritz Stern, The Politics of Cultural Despair: A Study in the Rise of the Germanic Ideology

When fascism comes to power, it will be because the Liberal Elite failed to do their job; which is to promote social justice, to provide for the poor, to protect the oppressed, to vigilantly fight for the values of tolerance and to fervently battle for a society where freedom can exist.

The Liberalism of the current age has uprooted tradition, but has not created a viable alternative. Human beings crave a social narrative and meaning to define their existence. More and more people are beginning to detest the echoing emptiness that surrounds their lives, and will replace stagnant silence with the trumpets of war.

There is still a shining ray of hope that we can create a peaceful and free society without the cacophony of war and violence. A peaceful society with strong leaders is the best possible outcome. But if those in power lack the moral virility to do their jobs, history will find a nasty way of repeating itself.

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