Syria: Will It Be One More Nail in the Coffin?


As I discussed in previous posts, Liberal Capitalist American policies may seem like the clear winner after World War II and the Cold War with Russia. Will it emerge as one large, warm and cuddly power for all the world’s people – bringing Democracy, Peace and Prosperity? Will the World bank and the IMF continue to pull the reigns of the world machine?

Should Neo-Liberal Economics be the one system for the whole world? Certainly the war machine of the United States thinks so. If we go intervene in Syria militarily, and ignore Russia’s more peaceful plan to collect Syria’s chemical weapons voluntarily, this will just be one more nail in the coffin. One more bloody glove at the scene of the crime, proving that we are not ruled by a benevolent democracy, but by a roving gang of psychotic debt addicted murderers who conduct war for profits – and not for peace.

Public approval for this war is at an all time low. The American people are sick of war, they don’t care about solving Syria’s problems. They have their own problems at home that are in dire need of attention: our growing debt and lack of jobs. This is like the man who is in denial about the fact that his house is in foreclosure, who goes out for another night of drunken debauchery and gambling at the casino. Yet this gamble is with the lives and futures of millions.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, American approval for military action is at 9%!  (Washington Post, 8-26-13).

Congress is also severely divided against this proposal, with most people against it. Where Congress Stands on Syria.  (Washington Post, 9-9-13)

International approval is also at an all time low. There were 40 nations willing to go into Iraq with us back in 2003, yet now in the Syrian war France is our only clear ally. And even this ally states that it would draft a U.N. Security Council resolution to put Russia’s plan into effect. (Washington Post, 9-10-13).

So let us look at the facts here. America is supposedly a “Democracy” that represents the interests of its own people as well as the world. Well, the people have spoken, the world has spoken, they are against this war – and getting more drained by America’s constant wars in general.

The other fact is that America now has a viable and peaceful option for disarming the Syrian government, without a heavy military intervention.

The third fact is that as incompetent as the Obama administration is, they must surely must enough brains to know the risks of such a military action? For this will not only be a war with Syria. This will open up the gates of a possible war with Russia – since Russia has very publicly demonstrated that it could take military action if America goes to war without a U.N. Council approval. Let’s not also forget that the country paying our bills – China – also welcomes Russia’s plan. A war in Syria could reactivate the Cold War. Is it really worth it to enrage one of the world’s most heavily armed nuclear powers?

What will the Obama Administration do? This moment in history, right now, is a litmus test for just how corrupt the American government really is. If the Obama Administration can find a graceful way to accept the facts and make a tactical retreat, then perhaps there is some hope for reform.

Yet if the Obama Administration pushes into Syria regardless, then this will just be one more nail in the coffin for a corrupt and dying system.

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