Soon We Will All Be Radicals – An Agenda For The New Radical


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Alternet recently published an article stating that it is the rational who are becoming radical and apocalyptic in today’s world: “Get Apocalytic, The Case for the New Radical“. They are absolutely correct. In a world faced by the growing realities of extreme poverty, climate change, economic loss and war – how could any sane and rational person not sound the bells of alarm?

In today’s world, it is the insane who sit back, relax and tell us that everything will be fine. This is the insanity of our current world leaders. So we’re destroying all the resources we need to live? Relax. Chill out man! Don’t be such a wet blanket! Take a Valium or any other soma that silences the mind. Ultimately, sit down, shut up and get out of the way!

That is the nature of our current leaders. That is how we know they are insane. Our leaders tell us that the current economic woes are a minor hiccup in the glorious, shining machine of progress that will eventually “get better.”

Yet the truth is the less we do, the worse things will get.

What is a radical? A radical fights for extreme change. They want to either destroy, or completely rearrange the current social/political structure into something completely new.

With the coming disasters, most of us have every reason and every right to become radicals. To fight for something new and to demand a real change – not fake change via catchy political phrases and hip bumper stickers. We need real change,  because those destroying the planet must be stopped at all costs.

What will the new radicals look like? We need to stop thinking about political orientation: right or left. Such a thing won’t matter, because everyone wants jobs and purpose, everyone needs food, water and shelter. Right and left are hollow labels that divide us across the scope of a premeditated political spectrum – one that benefits those in power and screws over the rest of us.

We must destroy these arbitrary political labels, and fight for something much greater.

Currently there are many kinds of Radicals: Left Wing, Right Wing, Religious, Environmental and so on. Religious radicals are common because religion gives people a divine purpose to fight for. Religious radicals have such a divine and loving devotion to their God that they would do anything to please this God.

In a world where natural resources become more scarce, could there be similar radicals who fight for the Earth with Godlike devotion? Earth Radicals? Nature Revolutionaries?  

However, one thing the article from Alternet is missing is a solution. Many apocalyptic voices of the coming doom and gloom lack any tenable solution, let alone a solution at all.

So in this post, I would like to create an agenda that many radicals, from multiple backgrounds and political viewpoints could align themselves with. Any revolution needs unity to be successful. Having 31 flavors of radical, all fighting for a different purpose (and fighting one another) is not only useless – but it is destructive.


  • All Agendas That Do Not Protect Natural Life on Earth Must Be Stopped: The number one goal is creating a new order that protects life on the planet. Any agenda that gets in the way of this goal must be stopped.
  • Treat the Earth With Divine Purpose: Treat the Earth as a divine creation. If you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew – realize that the Earth was created by God and he tasked man with protecting that creation (of which we are doing a shitty job). You must carry out this holy purpose. If you are a Pagan, you know that the Earth is a God in itself. If you are any religion, you know that God is in the Earth and all things. If you are an atheist, recognize the significance of the Earth – that it should be protected because it is the source of all life.
  • Take Control of the Enemies of the Earth: The companies that run rampant on this planet, polluting our air and rivers, destroying the forests, pumping dangerous chemicals into all avenues of life, enforcing fracking and destroying communities – they are like rabid dogs that need to be tamed. A mighty master must come forth to bring these companies into submission – to tame these corporate forces. This master may not destroy the companies, but they will bring the companies under specific rules and regulations that protect the planet. Only then, will the current destruction stop.
  • The Rise of a Charismatic Leader: The revolutionaries must unite behind a charismatic and powerful personality. Someone with influence and power. Leaders are needed for movements to exist. A movement without a leader is like a pit of writhing snakes. But a movement with a leader and purpose, is a dragon with flight and fire.
  • The Need for Power: Without power, nothing can be accomplished. Many environmental movements today shy away from power, they say they want to achieve their goals in a social way – in a peaceful way that doesn’t ruffle any feathers. Yet never before, in the history of man, has true change occurred “without ruffling any feathers.” No, it happened alongside of bloodshed, violence and brutal battles for power. If we are to cause any real change, our movement must grasp the reigns of authority.
  • Bring the Most Powerful Institutions Within The Fold: A powerful leader and movement gains power over a society’s most influential institutions. What are these in our modern world? The media, universities and the government. Imagine society as a game of monopoly. A powerful movement must create a monopoly of power and influence in order to win. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Dismantling Neo-Liberal Capitalism: If something is not working, it needs to be fixed. If it cannot be fixed, it must be replaced. The currrent system of Neo Liberal Economics that ensnares the world is not working. It is an idea that a “free market” will reflect the needs and desires of the people. Yet the “free market” is not free. It is kept afloat by a massive system of subsidies and tax payer dollars. The world’s biggest oil and chemical companies receive massive financial contributions from both the government and tax payer funds. None of the world’s top industries would be profitable on their own. None of the World’s Top Industries Would be Profitable if They Paid for the Economic Capital They Used (grist). A new model of state controlled capitalism is emerging in Asia, and it is becoming quite successful. This could be a new model for the future.
  • A Backup Plan if Democracy Fails: It would be ideal if Democracy could work. We should do everything in our power to try and reform Democracy so that it does work. Yet Democracy is not a religion nor a death pact. If it cannot work, it needs to be superseded by something that will. Many environmental movements make democracy the crux of their agenda, yet abstract ideals are not more important than the health of the planet. If we cannot summon the political will power to push needed reforms, history will repeat itself. The Democracies of Rome and Greece were eventually replaced by Authoritarian Regimes. An Authoritarian Regime will be necessary if we cannot get our political act together.
  • The Role of Violence: Violence is best as a last resort or a form of self defense. Yet as Thomas Jefferson himself said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” I don’t condone constant violence. I think it is better to try for peaceful reform if possible.
  • Yet what happens when our current system starts killing millions – if not billions – with its faulty policies? Destroying the environment of the planet with toxic and poisonous methods will result in a large scale of human and non-human death. If such a thing continues to unfurl, there is a moral responsibility to stop such a system by any means necessary.
  • This strategy will need order and purpose. It must have a dynamic leader at the helm. If not, we will be the writhing pit of snakes. We must be the glorious dragon, bringing in the sun that crowns the dawn of a new day.
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One Response to Soon We Will All Be Radicals – An Agenda For The New Radical

  1. Paola says:

    True national socialism is a good solution, not in the version of Hitler but of Strasser, Peron and other NS politics, and with mix of libertarian/direct democracy politcs is most good and positive for people and Nature.

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