Will To Power

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In the same way that the vine struggles to overtake a mighty oak tree, we are all naturally waging a cosmic battle of wills. Asserting our own will over and alongside of the natural landscape. Intelligence, kindness, beauty and creativity are great. But no trait is more crucial in the struggle for survival than will power. It is not the meek and the humble who shall inherit the Earth. It is the strong and the mighty of will. When individuals all have a different, conflicting will – we are nothing more than buzzing wasps in a jar. But what is more powerful than a collective mass that aligns themselves with the cosmic will? Like a battalion of glowing stars, this mass will gravitate towards a center of power, pulled inwards towards an all consuming black sun. Always marching, always glowing with the light of the cosmic infinite. Look to the spiral galaxy as your banner. The light of determination burning through the darkness of chaos. You on your own are a piece of meaningless dust. Yet within you – and within us all – is the starlight of a whole universe. Align your life, align your will with that universe and you will taste greatness.

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