Building a Better Society…In Space

Have you ever dreamed of space travel? Would you like to go boldly where no man has gone before? A Dutch Company is looking for volunteers to take a one way trip ticket to Mars. They would recruit two females and two males for the first trip. Every two years two new people would be flown in. This Dutch company looks like they want to make some sort of reality show about the whole affair, to let an audience choose who gets to live on the new planet.


Aside from my fears about this turning into “Big Brother in Space,” I’m still very excited. I’m surprised that this story isn’t getting much press in the media…(then again, with the lamestream media maybe I shouldn’t be surprised). This is the chance to build a new society – a new planet.


On the Earth today, there are very few adventures left for the modern man. There is no Wild West. No final frontiers in the horizon. Even warfare has been sapped of its heroism, via the implementation of flying robots (drones) and other modern machinery.

Life has become a commercial rat maze with little more meaning than trying to find the cheese at the end of the tunnel without getting zapped. Gone is that bold leap towards excellence. Gone is culture’s struggle to reach new heights. We live now with a mercantile morality –  a “you’re wonderful as you are…just buy xyz to be a little better” mantra of monotony. The boring and average are praised because they don’t threaten the system. The extraordinary sometimes become rich and famous if they’re lucky, but the majority lose themselves to drugs and violence. What would Achilles or Odysseus be like in today’s world? Angry as hell – that’s what!




(The type of people I’d like to rebuild a planet with ;-D)

In the early 20th century, people were starting to have intelligent conversations about the possibilities of using science and technology as methods of population control. In the same way that it is socially acceptable to breed a pet towards purpose and excellence, the principal of breeding humans towards similar heights were discussed. Such methods were practiced in past civilizations and were not a social taboo.

Yet this became politically toxic after World War II. The Germans were blamed for a majority of Eugenics programs (even though these programs were also embraced by Canada and the United States before WWII). Isis Imperium is firmly against racial genocide. It is a crime against humanity. When I mean “population control,” I’m discussing humane ways to sculpt a population towards a healthy ideal via science and birth control with voluntary participation

Even though methods of birth control are now widespread in today’s society, we are starting to see the “idiocracy” principle in effect where the successful and intelligent opt out of breeding, because they want to save money and resources, or they want to wait for the “right time” to have a baby.  The irresponsible and stupid litter the world with their kin because they don’t know the right side of a condom from a banana peel.

Getting this conversation back to Mars, space exploration is another way of “sculpting a social and genetic ideal” that is socially acceptable – and encouraged.

Most people are actually excited about the idea of picking the most healthy, intelligent and heroic of men and women to settle a new planet. This is a method of civilization building that centralizes around principles of culture and health rather than money. A method where the weak, inferior and dumb are kept out of the equation while the world’s best and brightest men and women compete for who gets to take the trip.

And what if this does end up like a reality show, where bimbos and attention whores are vaulted into space? Good riddance. Without heroic conviction, they’ll die in a puddle of their own piss. Such drama queens would not be able to live in such harsh conditions. They’d end up destroying one another and wasting resources. Men and women of firm emotional and mental strength would be required for the job. We’d also need people with creativity and empathy.



As this world burns, at least the red planet remains a beacon of hope. It is fitting that the Roman God of War stands awaiting us in the blackness of space, reminding us of our humanity. Humanity – a state of adventure, heroism and mystery. A bold advent towards bettering the self. What better zenith to climb, than the reaches of new planets and the stars themselves?

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