Music as Medicine for the Soul

Music gives courage where words fail.

Music is the gateway out of prison when all other exits are sealed.

One of the most effective and yet easy ways to rebel against a sick system is to listen to good music.

A Toxic Culture Can Only Produce Toxic Music

One of the ugly accoutrements of modernity is the prevalence of terrible music in all avenues of mainstream culture and life. Music is a reflection of the soul and the inner consciousness of man. The base – flat – boring – emotionless – monotone – repetitive nature of popular music is a grim reflection of the modern soul of man: i.e. Dub Step (robot farts) and Hip Hop “Booty booty everywhere yeah!” It’s cool to be boring and dumb! If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say Hip Hop is an attempt to lower the IQ of the population and reduce the masses into retarded, lifeless consumers. However, I don’t put much faith into conspiracies because I don’t think the government has the intelligence or organization to pull them off. Rather, I think the prevalence and popularity of bad music is simply a reflection of a toxic society.

Rebel With Your Stereo 

When I was a kid, my parents yelled at one another ALL THE TIME! Music was often my only refuge from the insanity since I had no where else to go. I became quite the music lover. Music had the ability to blare out my current reality and whisk me away to a world of beauty and power. I delved into the world of 60’s and 70’s Rock, Heavy metal, Symphonic and Folk Music. Since music had this sacred power of liberation – I could never quite commit the blasphemy of getting into Boy Bands and heavily auto tuned (robot voiced) Rappers like my classmates. I was a heavy metal weirdo. I’m not completely against Rap – since it had a potent political message in the early 90’s. But modern Rap has been completely subsumed by superficiality and commercial purposes.

I’m not saying you should ignore the ugly world around you. But I’m saying that music will give you the fire – the inspiration to change that ugly world into one of beauty.

Listen to music that is heroic, dynamic, intense, skilled and connected to ideals that are greater than yourself.

Some good suggestions for now are “Wagner” (Classical), “Dvorak” (Classical), “Triarii” (Symphonic/Fascist), “Two Steps From Hell” (Symphonic), “Bathory” (Viking/Folk/Metal), “Dead Can Dance” (World Fusion) and “Judas Priest” (Heavy Metal). Yes…a varied list, but all good stuff.

I’ll try to add more song recommendations to this blog in the future.

As I said in my “Being a Soldier in the Revolution You Want to Create,” prescribe yourself one good song to listen to a day: a great medicine for the soul against depression, despair and hopelessness. Music is a prescription for power.

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