Become a Soldier in The Revolution You Want to Create


“Everybody wants to change the world. Nobody wants to change themselves.”  ~Leo Tolstoy

Unhappy with society? It is a mess, isn’t it? But what are you going to do about it? Drink? Cry? Do Drugs? Hide? Lose yourself to a fantasy world of Gaming? Kill Yourself?

There are a million voices crying out that society is terrible. But those who actually give real solutions and alternatives are a faint star on a cloudy night.

Rather than focusing on what is bad about the world, we should visualize the kind of world we want to create – visualize the ideal society we’d like to live in and the ideal types of people we’d like to be around. Close your eyes. Have that vision in your mind? Good.

Here are the four planes of social change: 

The Government

Society at large

Your close friends and family


The battle starts with you maggot. It is naive and stupid to think that individual habits will directly change the world. I’m sorry, but wearing a “Hurricane Sandy” bracelet won’t stop global warming. Driving a hyrbid, shopping local and using a 50 dollar light bulb also won’t save the climate. Doing these things might show some level of consideration and awareness (I try to shop local myself) – but big change ultimately happens at the authoritative level, at the seat of power in the oval office.

However – with that said – we are on a plane that’s about to crash. What’s the first thing you do? Run into the cockpit and grab the controls? No. You need to put on your oxygen mask soldier, or else you won’t even be able to think straight.

Changing the world isn’t an impossibility. History was made by individuals who had the balls to try. Do you?

If so, you gotta change yourself first if you are up to the challenge. Changing yourself won’t change the world immediately, but it is a good start. Keep reading if you think you have what it takes.



To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 

No one said the rules would be easy. But if you want to cause a radical change in the world, you need to radically transform yourself. The idea of “you’re wonderful as you are” is a selfish modern meme that translates into “It’s okay if you’re an obnoxious, dumb fuck. Keep on eatin those cheesy poofs ya fat bastard!” The great man struggles for greatness.

Swords of battle are forged by the bite of the flame and the hammer. Here are some suggestions to keep the flames of creativity and passion burning, while sharpening yourself into a tool for war.

  • Turn Your Body Into a Weapon: Get a Gym Membership, Take a self defense/martial arts/ boxing class. Make some kind of commitment to physical activity. You are often more committed to exercise when you are paying for it or are taking a class with a friend. Physical exercise will give you confidence, stimulate the mind and give you the energy you need to fight the good fight. Exercise at LEAST 30 minutes a day and go to the gym at least twice a week. If you can’t afford a gym, there are plenty of ways to get fit for free: jog around the block, do sit ups in your living room and knuckle push ups will turn you into a beast. Daily exercise was a key requirement of many powerful civilizations. For example, both male and female citizens of Sparta were required to keep in good physical form.
  • Stay Armed: If you can, get a gun (be sure to get a permit if you want to carry). If not, carry a knife. Staying armed will remind you that it is your duty to protect yourself and those you care about. The more you can eliminate unnecessary fear and dependence upon idiots from your life, the better.
  • Love Only the Strong: “Only the Strong know Love; only Love can fathom Beauty; only Beauty can fashion Art. The love of weaklings for each other can only manifest as the goad of lust; the love of the weak for the strong is abasement and fear; the love of the strong for the weak is pity and forbearance; but the love of the strong for the strong is Love, for it is the free surrender to one who cannot compel us.” ~ Wagner
  • There are many types of love in life: Romantic, Familial, Platonic, Abstract (Love for Art and Music).
  • Life in the modern world may convince you that love is an arbitrary feeling that just happens when the moment is right. Yet the truth so prominent in nature is that love is a dynamic of power. A true lover is a sparring partner that prepares you for life’s greatest battles, they’ll watch your back if you watch theirs. They’ll have the candor to tell you when you’ve fucked up, but the consideration to listen when you’re down.
  • Also, when I say “love only the strong,” I don’t mean that the people have to be in superior physical shape. Strength means a lot of things. Maybe the person might be weak physically, but has a strong sense of values, honor, morality, fortitude, intellect or emotional strength. I’m not saying you need to hold out for the “perfect person,” because no one is perfect. But I’m saying that wasting your emotional time and energy on a destructive person won’t make that person stronger – it will make you weaker. Be with someone who inspires you to be a better person.
  • Feed Your Soul: The soul (whether you’re religious or not) is the forge of the psyche. It is the fire that keeps you going. If you forget to feed this fire, you’ll turn into a zombie that starts thinking life is only about your job and what’s on the news. Feed your soul with great music and art. What constitutes great art and music is a highly subjective matter. I’ll try to offer recommendations in future posts. My suggestion is to ignore the crap on the radio. Much modern music is designed to numb the mind and soul, to create a mindless horde of consumer zombies. Great art and music these days evades the mainstream. Give yourself a quota. Listen to one inspiring song a day.

Maybe start with something like this: 

  • No Weapon is More Dangerous Than Knowledge: In addition to being armed physically, make sure to stay armed mentally. Much of what you were taught about the world in the first 20 years of your life isn’t true. No clishe is more true than “History is Written By The Winners.” History itself is a complex story with few actual “good guys” and “bad guys.” One of the lies you’ve been taught by this society is that the current Capitalist, Liberal Democracy is the culmination of world history – the ultimate system for the world. That some people…and animals…and well… frankly A LOT of life forms will have to die for this system and the progress it offers. This is a lie. Our current system is toxic, from the countless chemicals that now exist in our food systems and blood streams – to the “morality” it promotes – to the consumer culture it shoves down your throat. You don’t have to be rich to be educated. You don’t even need a college education. What you need to do is learn how to navigate the internet. Keep in mind that most of the major news networks these days are owned by wealthy corporations. I will also provide links to alternative sources of information and news in future posts.
  • Focus on Fighting FOR Something, Rather than Against something: Don’t define who you are and what you are fighting for by forming a reactionary ideology. You never get anywhere in life by being on the Defense. Be on the Offense. Don’t like the current system? A lot of people don’t. But focus on what you are going to replace it with – rather than simply focusing on what you want to tear down.
  • Fight for the Earth: Finally, all good soldiers have a cause that they fight for. Many of the anti-modern ideologies have a vision of the type of world they are fighting for. Some fight for social equality, some fight for religion or some fight for a multi-polar world. Whatever it is you’re fighting for, be sure to imagine a vibrant – healthy planet in that image. A world with clean air and water you’re not afraid to drink. A world with primeval forests that stretch into the sunrise. A people who can grow their own food staples instead of being fed by corporations. A healthy, vibrant people who work together with nature, because a sustainable system is better than one with short term aims. Fight under the banner of nature dear soldier. If you are not fighting for the Earth first, you are not fighting for the right cause.
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10 Responses to Become a Soldier in The Revolution You Want to Create

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  2. Forever Gone says:

    I represent the lost souls who wander fruitlessly in a system of which we have no control. I am the oppressed generation that is beginning to wake up. I want to fight, but I’ve been poisoned since birth. I have been bred into terror, and ever since I was a little boy, I knew it was a lie. And I am weak now. I can’t escape the blackness that surrounds me; I can’t escape the symbolism that burns my soul; I can’t escape my hatred. I hate. I cannot feel love. I hide in my home, waiting to end the life of the first man that crosses me. This isn’t a way to live. I cannot feed my soul anymore. I want desperately to bring this system to its knees, and the funny part is, I know how easy it would be. I want to burn it all down, but I lack the manpower, the hardware, and the commitment. I do not fear my own death. I think about it every minute of every day. It’s my daughter’s death I fear. It’s the life she is forced to live because of the weakness that the people show. I hate myself every day for realizing that I have brought her into this. She is doomed.

    We are blinded by our xBoxes, our internet, our television, and our own greedy, capitalistic, closed-minded goals, and I will never have the strength alone to change anything. But I want it to end. I want to drive a group of soldiers to Monsanto silos, seed dispensaries, and labs. I want to bring our soldiers to the doors of the White House. I want to raid the Rockefeller compound. I want the world banks to tumble. I want symbols of Power to erode. I want to shut the internet down. I want the Elites and the Power to feast upon the engineered poison we are forced to live off of. Why can’t I afford clean, locally grown food? Why can’t I afford to go into the mountains and live free? It’s been set up to keep us fighting, and I am part of the vicious cycle that won’t end until a drastic change triumphs. This world is teetering on the brink, and all it would take is a gentle nudge. I wish for this world to live as it should. It must all burn, like the very center of my chest burns. I have nothing left now but hatred. Millions will die if we want change, but I do not fear it. And I wait every day for my life to end; I just hope I can bring something down with me.

    • Forever Gone says:

      And I wait. I wait for the drone strikes. I wait for civil unrest. I encourage my frantic rantings to be assessed, to be stored in some data bank, and if they come for me, know that I died with hatred and a passion incalculable. But I am weak.

      • isisimperium says:

        Forever Gone. You don’t need to live in fear or regret having a daughter. It’s good for people like you to have kids, people who understand this is a sick system. Children are the seeds for a better world. We might not live to see that world, but maybe the children will live to see a golden glimpse of the brighter sunrise.

        Do not fear. This system is a minor aberration in the span of time. It’s values and methods are not sustainable. It will come toppling down in a matter of time on its own. If we can’t do anything about it, nature will do the job for us.

        It would be ideal if a group of like-minded people could rally together and form a revolutionary ideology, headed by a charismatic but tough leader – willing to implement the necessary reforms. This would be better than a complete destruction of what we currently have. We could use modern technology (like solar and wind) to create a sustainable society, one in which everyone makes sacrifices to be part of a greater cause.

        The best thing you can do is try to be a positive force in a toxic world. Teach your daughter that there are better ways to live. Become a healthy, well-read and natural individual. Speak out when people support stupid/toxic ideas. Try to support worthy causes. Our generation is the one that is planting the seeds for the future revolution. We might not live to reap the results, but our ideas will be the roots of a mighty oak tree, with sturdy enough foundations to endure future storms.

  3. Forever Gone says:

    I just wish people my age could see the world for what it is. I am only 24, but I feel like an old bitter man. The only thing that keeps me going is my daughter. Everyone I know thinks I am absolutely out of my mind. I have driven away every friend I have ever had somehow. My family is afraid of me. I have been cast aside, and the only person that has stuck with me is my girlfriend.

    Sometimes I feel like I will loose her too.

    I threw away her old Disney movies; every time I turn on CNN, NBC, or any other major media channel I YELL AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I tossed out some Owl stuffed animals for christ’s sake. Who the hell is afraid of corn? Who is afraid of milk? I try to avoid preservatives, even though I know I can never fully escape them. I don’t touch tap water, I try not to use shampoos or other soaps and chemicals (but I’ve got a girlfriend to keep). I try so hard to find safe food to eat within our budget, but it is fucking impossible. I don’t trust anything. I look back, and I wish I burnt every text book we had in school. I hate my parents for not raising me on a farm. I grew up in a trailer park in Chicago, and I spent every day of my childhood being poisoned. The history we were taught is a fabrication; the lives we lead are never-ending chasms of invisible slavery. And I am stuck, and I am surrounded by people who are stuck even worse. It’s the men who get up every day who don’t question a thing that are crazy. They drive to work every morning, listening to their bullshit radio talk shows, and they don’t question a thing. That’s crazy to me.

    The idea of my daughter living free and without terror is the only thing I fight for now. I work and work and work and work to try and give her the best life possible. I wear rags, I don’t leave the house (I work at home as a freelance writer), I don’t make phone calls, I don’t text, I don’t smoke weed (god I miss weed), the last time I spent a dollar on myself was when I bought a Rockstar energy, and I drunk the poisonous stuff. I still feel weak from it. All my money goes to a thief banker or to a thief utility company. It’s hard knowing that I’ll never save enough money to escape these urban drudgeries. I wish I could take everything I see and actually put it into words. I don’t even know why I’m saying this stuff here, but I don’t have an outlet. Pretty sad for a professional writer.

    You wan’t to know what’s funny? I have never ONCE posted my views ANYWHERE. I don’t have a youtube account or a facebook. Something about your post hit me, and I couldn’t help but type. I’ve always just ignored everything, but your post truly hit my core. Sometimes I think I should try to reach out, but I’m worried that it will be for nothing. I feel incredibly connected to this world in ways that people couldn’t believe. But yet, at the same time, I am have completely cordoned myself off. I have rejected every aspect of society. It’s becoming very sad, very fast. My girlfriend is the strongest person in the world. Maybe she truly does love me, because anyone would have ran from my views and actions long, long ago.

    On top of this huge mess of an existence, something happened to me recently.

    I want to share it with you, and this is probably where you will sigh and say “yea OK dude”.

    I’m not even sure why I am doing this, but it consumes me. It’s almost 5:00 a.m. here, and I have slept maybe 10 hours this past week; I’m half dead so bear with me.

    Ever since I was little, I have dreamt about violence almost every night. I have always attributed it to nothing. I never speak about it. I ignore the pain I feel, and I try to forget the memories when I wake up. I know what people think if you tell them shit like this.

    How does someone who has hardly broken a bone in his life know what it feels like to be shot, stabbed, broken, beaten, drown, and killed. And not just “know” what it feels like, I can vividly see and feel every drop of blood. I can’t put it into words, and I don’t share this with anyone. Maybe it’s easy because I don’t know you, and this is completely anonymous. I have always thought these dreams were just…. whatever… weird fuckin’ dreams right? I thought, “fuck it, I’m just goddamned crazy, and I’ve seen too many movies. But there is a problem.

    On Saturday, April 13th, 2013, I had an incredibly vivid dream about something. I woke up and I told my girlfriend about it because I knew it meant something.

    A woman was speaking to a T.V. crew in a small building with a large building to the left. There was a crowd outside. I thought in the dream, “why wouldn’t she be giving her interview in the large building?” All of a sudden, some men threw molotov cocktail bombs at the top of the building, but the bottom blew up and it collapsed. I thought to myself again, “wow, that was fishy”. When the dust cleared, I saw through someone else’s view, a vivid picture of a young woman with blue eyes, rounded cheek bones, and brown hair staring up into the sky. She had passed.

    And I awoke.

    I continued on with my shitty life.

    A few days later, two bombs went off in Boston. I watched the coverage for a bit, and when one of the reporters said he had seen a woman with blue eyes staring into the sky, I almost started to cry. When her picture emerged a day or two later, I did cry. I never cry. I saw her pass away before it happened.

    Everyone in the world would say “yea right, Joe, fuck you”, and I don’t mind. Because I’m a skeptic myself. I don’t believe in shit. God what, who?

    “Prophetic dreams? Fuck you”, is what I would have said a week ago.

    But I saw Krystal die before it happened.

    That’s when I realized that, every single violent dream I have ever had since I was a little boy was probably true. A lot of the memorable ones were very privatized, violent moments. No cameras and no crowds.

    So on top of a shitty real-life existence in which I battle the agenda, I also have a shitty subconscious, in which I battle the images I see. I’m sick of fighting everything. I fight the world; I fight my dreams. How the hell am I supposed to raise a normal daughter? She’s going to think I’m completely out of my mind.

    I’ll probably never come back to this page, because I am ashamed of my rantings. I don’t want you to respond to this. I just want it out there. This whole post wraps up my whole simple yet complex life. If I died tomorrow, at least there is an anonymous post of my life on some website; that no one will probably ever believe or read. And I am fine with that.

    My name is Joe; I am young but not ignorant; I will die for my daughter and my girlfriend; I fear for the world as a whole; I try to avoid the agenda; I dream about people’s deaths; I fight for life.

  4. isisimperium says:

    I am honored Joe that you feel that you can share such an honest part of yourself on my blog. I appreciate that my writing would have that effect on you. If you ask me, it’s the sane ones who feel uncomfortable in this world – this toxic, synthetic world. Only the fake really thrive in this world. I also don’t think your dreams are crazy. Most of my dreams are also about horrible brutality and violence.

    However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive effect on the world – especially as a writer. Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring series has definitely had a powerful message about heroic/eternal values versus the synthetic values of money.

    We are the rebels, we have to return the old values the world. The values of heroism and courage. But we have to be brave in order to do so.

    I don’t think throwing away Disney movies is necessarily the right way to go. This world is toxic, but you can’t shield people from it. Shielding people from it only makes them unable to deal with it. We must live boldly in this crazy world, aware of all its faults, if we are to do something about it.

    It sounds like your psyche is filled with the toxins of a chemically and spiritually sick society. Reading good literature and listening to good music won’t fix all your problems, but it might make you feel a little bit better. I’m doing what I can on this blog to fight modern culture in my own way. I might not be right about everything, but I try to make a powerful point with an open mind.

    As writers we have the power to do that, that’s our gift to the world. So don’t fear this world. Embrace it. Embrace it and change it.

  5. Arian says:

    Nice article

  6. Arian says:

    I read the blog and felt its my writing. Agreed with To Do task list,
    1) I started by work out after years and I am going strong
    2) In our country gun laws are prohibitive. I have a nice hunting knife now. Ive bought a gunsmithing book and I want to create a community that will band together when the collapse occurs. I hope Ill have ample ammunition.
    3) Ive discarded early schooling historical propaganda. Not the sciences.
    4) Im reading out histories from all sources and from losers and winners view to interpret what truly is a win and loss.
    5) I know in the end survival of the fittest will be the thing. Ive identified tactical training of combat school nearby, that Id like to join soon enough.
    6) Music dished out is a load of crap, but I love the old rock and the original western classical or neo, Which is what I hear. Reading books on history, civilizations, war, and philosophy is critical and so is understanding of financial federal systems to know the system itself.

    If we need to make a new work tomorrow, we need to be armed with knowledge, as you said, and capability to enforce.

    I realize more are there like me. Keep the good work on.

  7. tauron2015 says:

    Appreciate this article. I may have not started preparing myself in physical deparment, but I have started revolting in spiritual manner.
    I may sound a bit too optimistic in what I write down here, but I was always an optimist, even if I was faced with hardest challenges.

    1) My vision of life is somewhat of clear to me now. Life on some rural area in Ukraine or Czech Republic, my homeland, where I raise my own food, hunt, dedicate myself to my passions (science, music, writing etc.) and maybe raise a family. Thoguh probably adoptive one, though. I have been thinking about my heritage and whether I am pure European or not or whether I am healthy enough (since I have a light case of teenage scoliosis and I am shorsighted). Plus, I had ADHD as a child, so am I mentally stable enough to raise children?
    My brother inherited in all depratments much better material than I did, but his life ruined it all.
    I love him eighter way.

    2) My soul,I believe is more than well, fed.
    I have thrown TV out of my house, I don’t listen to modern music etc.

    But I still do enjoy works of art, most of old,some modern.
    I preserve these works I download or buy, for my children or friends, in order to pass on the good of the past.
    Philosophy, science, history, satire, fictions, fantasy, sci-fi, political drama, plays, poetry occasionaly, and mainly factual books about life itself and sciences, to help me understand world we live in.
    I raid antique stores and and libraries for old books, or comics, that I would like to “feed myself” with.
    You may disagree with me, but even in this corrupt society, there are still works of popculture promoting strenght, militarism, good ideals or mock our current society for it’s stupidity.
    Conan the Barbarian, Age of Bronze, Wonder Woman, Thor, Predator etc. or I remember, you mentioned Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    This society, seems to hunger for heroes like these, because they constantly show them in the fiction. It as if our society wants them back. We want back the brave space explorers, brave knights, alien saviors from far away planets or wise elder men etc.

    Also, it seems that Japanese society has been in late years making some interesting stuff in their cartoons. They still celebrate fighting spirit, which is present in almost all of their works, even if it sometimes crosses with some of their silly humor.
    I only occasionaly play videogames, mainly the ones that make you think, like System Shock or Deus Ex, which explore themes like transhumanism. But mostly occasionaly and mostly good ones, because, while I do like daydreaming, fictional world should not replace the real one.

    3) My connection to nature started with I started to change myself. Have you ever heard of nerd/geek subculture? If yes, than some time ago, I was part of it quite a lot.
    I still enjoy some of the works connected to the subcultre, as I already mentioned (fantasy, sci-fi or comics), but what pisses me of about this culture is ravaging materialism.
    Where as ordinary people are materialistic when it comes to fashion, this subculture is materialistic when it comes to their hobbies. They collect everything, from action figures, to comics, to videogames, to movies, to TV shows etc. whether it is good or not. There are individuals who have entire rooms of this stuff, 70% is meaningless crap that they don’t even like and only keep it cause it’s “collectibles item”

    And so did I, but thankfully I stopped before it turned into nightmare.
    I realize that collecting stuff, does not make me happy no matter how hard I try to pretend.
    I sold most of it, left only few stories and series, I consider worth reading again or passing to new generations, because thy are fine entertaiment and contain valuable life lessons.

    Now, I collect hapiness, knowledge,experience of nature etc.
    I collect wisdom from old works of art, like books, plays and movies etc.
    I collect hapiness, when I am with my friends and we laugh together at how world today is ridiculous.
    I have ben going around my country into parks and forests,exploring local life.
    I have been hiking, cycling with my friends. I have been cycing.
    I have been searching for beatiful stones and minerals, collecting them in places like my local area, rivers, parks, forests, caves or abandoned mines, later bringing them home studying what they are made of (I am amateur mineralogist).
    I have helped my friend, who is also a lot into nature, with his work as a bee keeper.

    I should probably start working out on my body as well.
    My father was in the army, my brother was jacked as Hell too, so my endomorphic structure should probably have hell of a strenght when I work out.

    Also, I have a question for you.
    What do you think, in that new world of ours, should we do with other people’s sex lives? And what about abortions?
    Yes, promoting monogamous or polygamous family should be priority, but not everyone lives ordinary heterosexual life.
    Some are asexuals, some bisexuals, some homosexuals and some enjoy their own kinks.
    There enough scientific data to conclude that most of these lifestyles are not harmfull.
    I believe that there should some form of sxual freedom to certain degree,not as much as today, but not as little as during christian times, where woman could not even get a divorece.
    Hell, there is a new evolutionary theory going around, saying that homosexual purpouse is to raise children, because that was their purpouse in ancient tribes and hunting groups.
    While men were off to hunt some mammoths, homosexuals men helped raise women their kids. Or if there was not enough women, they adopted a child and raised is as his own.
    We can see that in nature as well.

    And our ancient pagan societies tolerate to certain extent these things as well. Especially, Romans.
    I think I remember old Slavic tale of a women that wanted to life free and sleep with more men.
    They were allowed to do so, but in return they had to drink some sort of a tea, that would basicly make them not go sterilized them. I think this is rational.
    Your life is your life, but if you live this kind of life, you simply cannot expect to have some kind of family, because it would not be good.
    Women have a choice and they should be allowed to do so. But every choice has it’s conseqeunces. You cannot escape from them. As you said “Human rights vs human responsibilities”.

    That being said, I would not tolerate these pride parades, which I consider mostly stupid and disqusting.

    Anyway, thank you for reading this. I hoep I didn’t sound too naive or idealstic, but I am very young. I simply am not that type that stays bitter and disconects himself from the world around him. I am an optimist and I try to change the world around me, starting with myself.

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