What is Modernism?


Modernism is the idea that constant technological and social “progress” is the inevitable fate of man. That history exists on a line where there is only one direction to go. Progress is not disputed even if it is using machines to destroy a majority of the biological lifeforms on the planet. Neo Liberal Capitalism is the economic engine of the Modern Age: it is fueled by the idea that as the world consumes and trades more goods, the fate of humanity will be better and better off. More people will have cell phones, more people will rise out of poverty, the medical achievements of science will bring people long life spans and more fulfilling lives. We’ll leave behind the primitive aspects of toiling in the dirt for food and machines will bring us such goods at the push of a button.

Modernism refers to the advancement of technology and social equality towards the goal of ultimate liberation.

However, the truth is that the distribution of wealth today is more unequal than it has ever been in the history of humanity



The Rich are getting richer and EVERYONE ELSE is getting poorer.

Modernism is also the break down of traditional social orders and bonds so that the individual can be freed from the yoke of society to live their own life.

Yet no man is an island. Think of society like a body. The cells and organs in the body all serve a specific purpose. Imagine what would happen if the White Blood Cells stopped fighting infection, if the Neurons stopped carrying messages to the brain. Your body would be a mad scramble of cells with their own agenda – soon you would fall apart. This is what a virus does to the body. It intrudes, takes over the cells, inserts its own code  and soon the whole body shuts down.

Modernism in many ways is like a virus in the soul of man and society.

Why is it that our current social order allows a small and elite group to rob a majority of the planet’s wealth while the rest of us stand by and let it happen? It is because it is a society built on DECEIT. It is because humans are broken down into a mad scramble of individuals who lack the organization and connections to fight the powers that be – but this break down is supposed to make them FREE and HAPPY!

It’s easy for a giant to squish a lone ant. Yet an organized colony of ants can kill targets a million times their size if they come together. There is an Indian Proverb “It takes five fingers to make a fist.”

So it is not enough to whine, complain and moan about the destructive nature of Modernism. We must come up with alternative ideas: an ideology that can unite the people of the world like cells in the body or like ants in a colony. There is a natural order that causes the planets to revolve around stars, for galaxies to revolve in clusters and for everything in the universe – and even universes maybe – to circulate in a divine cosmic order. Ants know to work together not because they read some great books on philosophy – but because of a basic and natural instinct to survive. (We must be dumber than ants if we can’t grasp this fact).

If we cannot come together we will not survive.

Like the vine overtaking a great oak tree, we must align ourselves with the supreme will –  the fire within that drives survival. Future posts will elaborate more on alternative ideologies against modernism: an ideology that brings people together around traditional values, the sanctity of nature and of course – survival.

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