Charting a Path Out of Modernity: Finding Empire


What do you do when the people around you are walking out of the woods and straight off a cliff? Follow them? What if there is no alternative path?

You create one.



As a walk down the woodland path, away from the masses falling off the cliff, I ask myself where to go. I see the sun rising on the horizon. The sun tells me the difference between East and West. It directs me towards the dawning and setting of ages. The trees all around me reach for the sun in salutation. The birds are troubadours, singing of its grandeur. If I want to find my way, I must reach for the sun.

Let us look to the empires that were successful, let them shine upon this dark age like a glorious and ancient sun. What is the measure of success? Time. We must follow empires that succeeded for hundreds of years so that we too will have a chance of making it through time.

What are the five key hallmarks of Empire?

  1. A Charismatic, Centralized Authority Figure (Mandated by heaven)
  2. Social Hierarchies, Caste Systems (There were no lies about equality)
  3. Tolerance (Most successful empires were diverse: religiously and ethnically)
  4. Strong Cultural Influence
  5. Strong Military Power


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