Iraq – A Microcosm of the World to Come




Much of the countries and the world as we know it today is an artificial creation. The boundaries that resulted in countries like Iraq are a remnant of European colonial rule. Yet the shackles of a colonial order that is more than a hundred years old are beginning to crumble. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a peaceful process. This is going to be a very violent process much like what we see with ISIS in Iraq today.


Iraq is an artificial state. Its modern borders were drafted up in 1920 by the League of Nations when the Ottoman Empire was defeated and carved out into territories among the British and French. We must remember that in World War I, the Ottoman Empire sided with the Germans, because they were tired of the British Imperial Global Empire.

Yet with the division of The Ottoman Empire, Iraq was placed under the authority of the U.K. as a “British Mandate of Mesopotamia.” The artificial boundaries that were forged by The League of Nations crammed three different sects with a violent history under the same roof. These three sects were Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.


In 1932 Iraq gained their independence from the U.K, but throughout Iraq’s history they still remained attached to the puppet strings of Western Nations. Even after Iraq gained their independence, the British retained military bases in the region. The British also invaded Iraq in 1941 for fear that they would lose access to their oil supplies. This would become a theme for “Independent Iraq,” as well as many newly liberated colonies. While Iraq had their independence in name, they realistically still existed under the yoke of the Anglo-American super powers. Anglo-American forces would invade time and time again to ensure their grip over oil supplies.



Throughout the century, Iraq’s different groups would have tensions and uprisings. However, the Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein managed to keep a lid on the chaos. This is not to ignore the fact that Hussein killed thousands (50,000 – 100,000) in a genocidal campaign that targeted the Shiites. But overall, Shiites and Sunnis managed to live in a semblance of stability in Hussein’s Iraq. For example, the region had one of the highest rates of sect intermarriage in the region: 2 million out of Iraq’s married 6.5 million marriages are between Sunnis and Shiites.

Yet in the early 2000′s, the United States deposed Saddam Hussein in an attempt to rebuild Iraq into a more “America friendly” Iraq with “real democracy.” As a result sectarian violence surged to a level unseen in Hussein’s Iraq.



Now, the extremist Islamic group ISIS has taken over northern Iraq and parts of Syria. What the Western Media doesn’t explain is that many of Iraq’s moderate Sunnis have actually defected to the ISIS army. It is now looking more and more likely that Iraq is going to break into three separate regions, and the borders of “Modern Iraq” that were forged by the League of Nations in 1920 are falling apart.


Yet this isn’t just the case in Iraq. Many of the national boundaries that define current countries in Africa and Asia were drawn up by a British World Empire that had no understanding of the religious, tribal or ethnic identities of the region. Much of the genocides and ongoing conflicts in our world today are because of the national boundaries that were forged after World War I and World War II. Nations like “Israel,” along with several others in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are completely artificial creations.

Now that the puppet strings of the Post World War I – World War II Allied Anglo-American super power are beginning to crumble, the borders of empire are rearranging themselves in a very chaotic and violent fashion. The whole world is currently shocked and disgusted by the crucifixions and mass beheadings that are taking place in Iraq right now at the hands of ISIS. Yet there is a growing level of violence and war all over the world.



We’re seeing violence surge in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other places that are too numerous to name. The violence occurring in these places may be fought in the name of different causes: Nationalism, Religion, Race, Tribe, etc. But the symphony of destruction is all dancing to the same beat. Everywhere, the world is struggling to define itself by a new identity, a new world order that is separate and violently severed from the current world order.


And of all the places I’ve mentioned, I have not touched on America. Yet within the core of America, there is also violence brewing that is yet to bubble to the surface. What is America? Are we even a real country anymore? Do we stand for anything aside from giving our tax dollars to a Kabal of corporations that depose governments and indebt countries for the sake of money and oil? Blood and oil, that is the food of our masters.

Whether it was the British manufacturing a famine in India that killed millions, or the American Government inflicting starvation upon Haiti by destroying the structure of Haitian agriculture via structural re-adjustment policies, the world is no longer capable of bearing the onerous burden of the current world order on its shoulders.

This parasitic behavior on the part of our masters is hollowing out America. There are entire sections of our country that are now nothing more than ghost towns, since whole industries have been shipped out to China; so that good American jobs with benefits can be replaced by laborers earning less than 2 dollars a day.

So this is not a real nation. This is not a benevolent world order that has our interests at heart. What do we have to fight and die for? Monsanto? Exxon Mobile? Walmart?




In time the forest fire that is burning away the rot of the Allied World order will eventually come home to roost. If a group of radical crazies could take over an oil refinery in one of the largest cities in Iraq, is it possible on American soil? Much of the current economy is propped up by fake dollars – the recovery was not real. When the Fed can no longer print money to keep the lights of the American machine churning, what happens then? Do we even have a contingency plan? What happens if there is a mass EMP attack from the sun or even a weapon we created ourselves? What happens if there is a disease epidemic among our massively uninsured population? What happens when large numbers of people start losing their jobs?

If radical and real change doesn’t come soon, it won’t just be the former puppets of empire that collapse, America too could start looking more like Iraq.

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A Bad State is Preferable to No State – Thoughts on U.S. and Ukraine


“Never take any empire’s money or support. Never accept in your ranks anybody who is willing to get any empire’s money or support. And always remember that a bad state and a bad regime are always preferable to no state and no regime. The latter means do not use violence to overthrow a regime you hate, even if it oppresses you. First, violence always generates fear and more violence. But even more importantly, violence often leads to the collapse not only of the hated regime, but also of the state itself. And when anarchy breaks loose, the most violent and ruthless gangs always come to power. When you fight against a hated oppressive regime – fight against its ideology, against its authority, show it no respect, openly make fun of it, but do not use violence and never fight against your own compatriots. Fight against ideas, not people. You can win a national liberation war against a foreign occupier, but you cannot win a civil war. Seek reconciliation, never revenge, show compassion to the “other one” and never ever ignore the voice of your own conscience. Always discriminate between right and wrong, but never between “our people” and “their people” as all humans are equally precious in the eyes of God. Give your allegiance only to God and “Trust not in princes, nor in the children of men, in whom there is no safety. “ (Psalm 145). If you keep your heart and conscience pure, then no empire will make you its puppet.”

~ The Saker (Source)

This is one of the most relevant quotes of our time. America has played its part in helping to topple one regime after the next: Iraq, Egypt, Libya – and it has attempted to do so in Syria and Ukraine. Yet these dominoes won’t come down so easily.

As The Saker pointed out above, toppling oppressive leadership doesn’t create liberation. It thrusts the state into a state of anarchy, so that there is chaos and no leadership. Out of such chaos, only the most brutal and savage thugs can claw their way to power – which in effect, creates an even more oppressive and violent regime than the one that was toppled.

We’ve seen this in places like Iraq and Libya, that once had some semblance of women’s rights and minor freedoms. Now these places are being torn up by extremist thugs.

As The Saker said, if you want to deal with an oppressive regime, fight their ideology, don’t use violence. Ideology is what dismantled Apartheid South Africa and brought civil rights to America, not guns and tanks. There is a place for violence and war, but in a tactical manner – not all out violence that destabilizes any country that you disagree with.

America is playing a dangerous game in throwing rocks at Russia’s back yard. We’re creating havoc by propping up Neo-Nazis and Muslim Extremists around the world. We must be careful in how much chaos we sow, because eventually, the chaos will come to roost.

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Eternal Laws of Life and Death: Developing A Political Biology



Nature is an eternal life force that is billions of years old. Nature is time itself. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, time remains the same. The laws of nature cannot be lobbied, jailed or changed. Mankind can play at making its own laws for a season, but if we live by laws that don’t align with the principals of life and death on this planet, our systems will be obliterated by the iron fist of nature.

In this article below, we will consider THE REAL laws of nature and question leaders who try to play God by peddling forth a false ideology.


Some people say that humans can’t mess with God’s plan: Abortion, stem cell research and assisted suicide for people in chronic pain are all touted up to attempts at “playing God.”

Those in power pretend to care about the “sanctity of life,” but a sanctity of life form whom?

Would a people who care about the sanctity of life preside over the greatest carnage of life seen in millions of years?

There is a difference between what our leaders say and what they do. They may claim to care, but if you look at the state of the world today, you’ll find the real story.


Modern humans have killed off 90% of large fish, 95% of America’s original forests and over half of the original rainforests. Humans have killed so much natural life that modern scientists are calling today the Sixth Major Mass Extinction. The last time this level of carnage has been seen was the Permian Extinction that killed off the dinosaurs 250 million years ago.

So who here is really playing God?


Now, in regard to human life, the doctrine of “human rights” doesn’t seem to apply to the children in third world countries who we’re bombing with drone strikes because their parents disagree with our ideas on Democracy? Does the Sanctity of Life apply to the indigenous people who are swept aside so the great progress of the Democratic World Order can reach out its arms just a bit further?


When you look at the origins of America, it’s very obvious that ideas of human rights and freedom were not extended to the Native Americans who were eradicated to make way for European settlers. While it is true that disease was responsible for killing a good part of the Native population, the realities of the Indian Reservations and the bitter conditions that Indians endure today as a legacy from colonization cannot be ignored. Native Americans today have the highest rate of suicides, unemployment and sexual abuse out of any ethnic demographic of people in America.

It also must be stated that human rights was not extended to the large number of Africans who were captured and enslaved in order to help build the American Dream.


These supposed “human rights” also don’t apply to those on the lowest rungs of America’s social economic ladder. There are many political campaigns clamoring for the rights of a woman’s unborn fetus, but many of these campaigns are silent about the rights of the 15 million children who live in households where food levels are insecure (feeding america).

Where is the real priority over life and death here? Our health care system spends millions keeping elderly people alive (many of whom wish for death) as well as people who are in a permanently vegetative state. No responsible medical opt out plan exists for people in a chronic state of pain or illness.

Yet at the same time, we allow 45,000 Americans (a low estimate) to die a year from a lack of health insurance. Even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it is estimated that 30 million Americans will still not receive Health Care.

So it is okay to keep the disfigured, the ill and the elderly alive in a perpetual state of pain, but not to prioritize the lives of poor children because they fall below the desirable economic strata?

So when we hear this phrase, “Sanctity of Life,” we must ask ourselves if this sanctity applies for everyone, or just the wealthy. Is this a Sanctity of Wealth we’re talking about?



The modern man has a romantic idea of life in nature. Movies like Avatar and Dancing With Wolves display a flower power vision of the Ancient World. Yet if the modern man were to step into the real ancient world, he would recoil in horror at the realities of ritual torture and human sacrifice.

Ideas like “human rights” and “the sanctity of life” are very new in the span of human history. The reality is that most cultures had a plan for killing off defectives and the unfit in their societies. The Spartans who are the most famous for this practice, would abandon their ill babies at the nearest hillside. Many Native American tribes would leave their elderly to die in the wild, so that they wouldn’t slow down the tribe.

Most modern people believe such ideas are cruel. Yet many of these people have luxuries that would be unimaginable in almost any other time period. In the Ancient World, when life was a daily struggle for survival and food, people didn’t have the luxury of trying to keep an unhealthy person on life support – when even the healthy people were struggling for survival. What little resources people had were concentrated on the healthy, and the unhealthy were taken out of the equation.

This was not cruelty. This was a matter of survival.


What modern people need to understand is that the level of wealth we’re experiencing right now has been purchased at a very high price. Our current system is running up economic and environmental debts that are unsustainable in the long term future. Eventually this wealth WILL disappear.

This situation reminds me a cruise I took to the Caribbean a few years ago. For a short period of time, the passengers got to experience pure luxury and opulence – unlimited food, service as their beck and call, room service at 2 in the morning, etc. But once the cruise was over, many of the passengers (full grown adults!) actually started to cry and break down because they had to return to the real world.

As a society, the cruise of “The American Dream” is coming to an end and will be docking us off at the shores of a brutal reality. When we’re no longer able to perpetuate the illusion of infinite wealth, nature’s brutal laws of life and death will return. These laws won’t be a matter of cruelty – they will be a matter of necessity.

Nature is a system that prioritizes the healthy and kills off that which is rotting and diseased.


Today we are living under the tyranny of the “nice masters” or the “nice mass murderers.” Their blundering might end up killing millions – if not billions in the foreseeable future – but you must understand that everything they do is in YOUR best interest!

Our leaders tell you that they are creating this great future. They tell you that this is a benevolent system that has your best interests at heart. If any problems come up, it is certainly a temporary glitch in the streamlined Democratic world machine.

But is this really a benevolent system? Take a look around you to see the truth.

There is greater wealth inequality today than any other time period in history. Never before in the eons of history, has 1 percent of the population owned more than 50% of the world’s overall wealth and resources.

The great irony of our time is that the politicians who speak out the loudest on the behalf of human rights are the same people who would justify using “precise missile strikes” to annihilate mass numbers of those who disagree with their ideology.

Our world leaders don’t believe in the sanctity of life. They believe in the sanctity of wealth. But don’t worry, nature will inevitably enforce its own brutal rules of life and death if humans don’t.

The laws of Democracy and Human Rights are not a religion nor a death pact. They are simple human ideas that can be broken by the iron fist of nature in an instant. 


In the middle of this century there is projected to be 12 billion people on this planet. Can we really, honestly say that there will be enough for all? The reality is that many of the “Have Not’s” of the world will simply be killed off in the brutal struggle for resources that is about to take place.

Yet even the wealthy will suffer as the system begins to crack at the seams. It will be hard for the wealthy to keep their businesses running, when a large portion of their employees and customers are dying off in droves.

Eventually, nature’s brutal laws will take over. Systems that are healthy and fit will survive, while that which is wasteful and unhealthy will be killed off without a fleeting thought of “human rights.”

Nature is the balance of chaos and order.


In ancient Rome, when the Republic fell apart, the people welcomed Caesar as an authoritarian leader with open arms. Authoritarian rule has been the norm of human existence for almost all of written history. Democracy has almost no track record in the ledgers of time; it is a drop in the ocean as far as history is concerned.

When the current system falls apart, a series of brutal leaders will come to power through necessity to clean up the mess of Democracy. The ancient laws of life and death will become relevant once again as these new leaders make crucial decisions about mankind’s survival. Ideas about human rights will be swept away and “human responsibilities to the planet” will be the new priority.

Who are we to demand human rights, or the sanctity of life, when we don’t enforce human responsibilities? 

So as we think about the unrest in the world to come, we need to reflect on nature’s eternal laws of life and death, on the way that things have always been…and always will be. With our short term wealth we can create a delusion of unending prosperity. Yet in thinking about the REAL future, we need to reflect on how nature’s more brutal traditions will become an eventual reality once again.

Nature separates the healthy from the unhealthy. Nature will have the ultimate say, in mankind’s fate.


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Human Rights Via Human Responsibility


People like to talk about human rights, but what about human responsibilities?

In the 17th century the Enlightenment began, and with it ideas about Democracy and Human Rights. Yet many of these ideas left out the other half of the equation.

Human Rights cannot exist without Human Responsibilities.

In our time, ideas such as Human Rights and Democracy are treated like a religion. But what about the millions of life forms killed today by the Democratic world order? What about the rights of these life forms? We like to say that “life is sacred”… but “sacred” for who exactly?

Democracy has a temporary track record in history. There is a law that stands above our current laws – above the laws of men…


That is Eternal Law, Nature’s Law. Nature is a system that is billions of years old. It is a system that balances order and chaos. Nature sorts the healthy from the sick, and the strong from the dysfunctional. If mankind wants to live, we must align ourselves with Nature’s Laws.

Ideas that cannot stand up against the test of time, will be blown away by the savage winds of change to come. When an idea doesn’t work, or is not sustainable, nature destroys it.


Nature will not be lobbied, imprisoned or impeached. Politicians may have the clocks, but nature controls the time.

The time for addressing climate change is nigh. Some estimates say that we only have 15 years to implement dramatic environmental reforms, before climate change is unstoppable.

Have no illusions. Nature’s laws are a brutal system. If our sick system cannot get its act together via implementing revolutionary ideologies, than nature will provide the solution – one way or another.

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Americans Trust The Military More Than Any Other Institution – A Portent of Things to Come?


Many of you may be familiar with the recent news story about 1-4 Americans not knowing that the Earth revolves around the sun. (To be fair, most people around the world actually answered this question more incorrectly than America did, except for South Korea). These results come from a report that measured American Public attitudes about Science and Technology: Read the Report Here (pdf)


Yet what the media did not highlight, is the astounding fact that Americans have more confidence in the institutional leadership of their military than any other institution – including religion, education – and way low on the list – the executive government. This is surprising, given the military’s involvement in countless wars that most Americans are frankly sick of. But I’m willing to guess that most Americans blame the wars on choices made by our currently unpopular executive government, rather than the military itself.

This makes sense in a way when you think about it. What is one of the few institutions in America that can guarantee you a job, health care and place to live? The military of course.  What are the three things that most Americans want? I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

A while ago I made a post about “What Revolution Would Look Like in the United States.” In the post I made the point that revolutions are a hard-lining of the majority against either a leader or a minority. As things hit the shitter, an American revolution could be similar to the French Revolution: a revolution in which the majority fight back against a corrupt wealthy authority.

Things aren’t that bad yet. But it’s hard to tell if the economy is actually getting better, or if it is being propped up by the funny money printed out by the federal reserve, and artificially low inflation rates.


America’s youth are graduating college with an average of $35,000 in debt that they can’t default on, and facing an economy that only has “McJobs” available – that is even if you can get a “McJob.” You might need to have 4 years of McDonaldsing experience with this economic climate. As you can imagine, this is going to generate a huge amount of anger at the system.

If you study world revolutions, a common theme is a disenfranchised, angry middle class lashing out at those on top.



So where does this all go and why did I bring up the military? Well let me give you a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that the Federal Reserve’s “Monopoly Money” can no longer keep the system going. Like a car engine without oil, the whole system begins to overheat and collapse. When this happens, people aren’t going to care about how legitimate their Democracy is. The terrorist attack of 9/11 already has scared the public into accepting previously unthinkable policies such as The Patriot Act and the TSA at airports. 9/11 killed around 2-3000 people. How would the U.S. react to a disaster that killed more than 10,000?

What would the United States be willing to accept if we had a massive famine due to the death of the bees and our mono-cultural agriculture? What would the U.S. be willing to accept if one of the many country’s we’re pissing on actually fought back? What would people be willing to accept if the economic melt down unleashed a tidal wave of rioting, chaos and robberies?

In times of mass uncertainty, people flock to an authority figure to save the day.

As the Roman Republic fell apart, there was a charismatic military leader who marched into the capital and took over the whole system. This man was Julius Caesar. He tossed the Roman Republic into the trash and many Roman citizens said Good Riddance.

Today, it is not all that inconceivable that a popular and charismatic military leader would gain America’s trust in the face of overwhelming disaster – especially given the fact that Americans trust military leadership more than any other institution! Let’s say this military leader overthrows a widely unpopular politician and imposes Martial Law. Of course, this leader would insist that the Martial Law would be a “temporary arrangement” until the threat at hand is neutralized – and then once the threat is averted Democracy would “certainly” be restored.

This leader would gain popularity by giving their supporters jobs, food, shelter and a purpose within their mass military machine. They would also intimidate their opponents by throwing them into prison, having them tortured or simply having them killed altogether: after all, they would have the technology of the impressive U.S. military machine at their disposal.

This military leader would become so popular with their supporters that they would end up having the “presidency” for life – and that’s just the beginning of how a U.S. Dictatorship could emerge.




People in America like to talk about “Human Rights.” Yet human rights cannot exist without human responsibilities. If our current leaders can’t make the drastic reforms necessary to truly improve the system, then the scenarios I outlined above could be unleashed and a brutal authority figure may take the reins of a fading Democratic Order.

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The Free Market Isn’t On Its Death Bed – It Already Died Long Ago


Here’s some truth about the “Free-Market.” First of all, the Free Market isn’t really free at all. From what we’ve been told about the Free Market, you would think that it is an invisible cobweb of prosperity that rains milk and honey (or cell phones and ipads) from the heavens.

Think again. The American Neo-Liberal Economic machine is a highly militant empire that enforces its policies at gunpoint and employs the labor of one of the world’s least free super powers – China.

If the Free Market was this wonderful system that everyone in the world wanted, why does America need a military base in almost every country around the world? Why are we launching drone attacks in Central Asia and Africa? Why are we using the long arm of the IMF and the World Bank to shake down countries like Jamaica that we’ve thrown into crushing debt via exploitative economic policies? The Story of how Free Trade is destroying Jamaica.

Also, if the Free Market was this great system that brought wealth and prosperity to all, then why is the world experiencing the greatest economic inequality that history has ever seen? Even the Roman Emperors and Egyptian Pharaohs received a smaller percentage of the overall public wealth than today’s corporate billionaires. Today, less than 1 percent of the population controls over 50% of the public wealth. A handful of Walmart Heirs controls more wealth than the bottom 40% of the U.S. population (Think Progress).

However, don’t think of the Free Market as this entity that was once healthy and got sick randomly. Don’t think of today’s recession as a minor hiccup in a gleaming machine. Think of today’s system as a rotting corpse on life support – a corpse that we should have buried long ago.

The 19th century was the era of history in which Capitalism and the Free Market encroached the world on a massive scale. For the first time in history, more of the workforce was in factories than farms. Wealthy industrialists did more or less as they pleased and the government stayed out of the way. Basic standards such as factory safety, food standards, health benefits, retirement, holidays and working hour limits were non-existent. If a factory worker lost a finger in a meat grinder, they were simply fired and replaced with someone who would work twice their hours for half the price.

Yet this system didn’t last for long before cracks began to erode the surface. Many major socialist and communist movements began to emerge in the late 19th century. There were massive strikes against the system and angry workers ready to revolt. However, this was all interrupted by World War I.

After World War I there was a brief period of prosperity in the 1920′s before the whole Capitalist System crashed and burned in the Great Depression of the 1930′s. As capitalist America failed to pull itself out of the Depression, National Socialist Germany by contrast was doing quite well. By 1937, unemployment in National Socialist Germany lowered from six million to one million. Many people even began to consider National Socialism as an alternative economic model.

In  no way is this endorsing the genocidal policies of Nazi Germany. Rather, this is merely highlighting the fact that National Socialist Germany had successful economic policies. 

But then World War II happened and Germany was devastated by a war on two fronts. Since many of the European Industrial centers had been left in a heap of rubble, America had a clear economic advantage at the end of World War II. Between the 1950′s and 1970′s America experienced a surge of prosperity.

Many conservatives like to have wet dreams about this time in history – calling it a time of good solid American values. However, one thing they would not like to admit is that this was a time period in American History with intensive government intervention. Unions enforced the 8 hour work day, the 40 hour work week, retirement, benefits and a living wage. This was also a time of SKY HIGH TAXES. If you care to look at this chart on the Tax Foundation’s website, America’s wealthiest citizens were paying tax rates at 90%! Compare that to today where the highest tax rate is 40%.

Much of this prosperity began to change with the Neo-Conservative economics ushered in by the Reagan era of the 1980′s. What were the results? A recession and the destruction of America’s commitment to environmental safety.

Yet once again, it was war that saved our dying system. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990′s via the death of another toxic system – Communism –  America was allowed a respite of prosperity. However, this would not last long before the economy took a nose dive in the financial crisis of 2007.

Now the politicians tell us that we are going through a “recovery” – that the free market is doing “just fine.” But if this were true, why is the federal reserve pumping 80 billion a month into the economy? Why is the government continuing to give corporate welfare to Wall Street and Big Banks? This isn’t a free market at all, it’s welfare for the rich and austerity for the poor.

The truth is that the Free Market isn’t in recovery, we’re in denial. If we look at the nations around the world today that are successful, like Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Canada, etc… they have a healthy hybrid of socialism and government controlled capitalism in their own economies.

It’s time to bury the dead corpse of “The Free Market” and contemplate radical new systems.

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8 Reasons Democracy Doesn’t Work



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